Brooke is an editorial and commercial shooter based out of Toronto. Brooke's love for photography was evident from an early age, always running around the suburbs where she grew up with a disposable camera documenting her family and friends. She loved the idea of capturing a memory and making it something tangible. Later in life a rare opportunity presented itself in high school where she was taught the fine art of processing photographs in a dark room, from there she was hooked. After studying Fine Art and Literature at Wilfrid Laurier University she later attended Sheridan College for Commercial Photography. After graduating Brooke entered the commercial world and won the Applied Arts Young Blood award in 2013. Brooke has always been fascinated with the relationship between herself and her subject. She chose to be a portrait photographer because she likes connecting with people. She finds herself constantly adapting to various people and places, always striving to create a positive experience for herself and her team. She continues to grow as a photographer and is forever determined to better her craft, her relationship with her subjects, and is in constant search for the perfect light.