"Thanks again for the great shots!  I was super nervous about getting shots that would show my personality and you went above and beyond getting great quality shots! You’re the best!!"

- Lauren Hungler


"Brooke, did an incredible job with our family photos.  During the session I was put at ease because she was so easy going and never rushed us.  She was extremely patient during the shoot which was crucial to having an enjoying shoot since I have a 2 year old, a 4 week old baby and a very hyper dog that were all in the photo.   My favorite part about the photos is that they are incredibly unique.  They are unlike all the generic newborn photos that I see on Facebook. If You want your photos to stand out and be different I would highly recommend Brooke. She is very creative and very talented."

-Lara lever.    


"I try to recommend Brooke to everyone. She totally understood our visual style and worked creatively within it while still bringing new ideas to the table."

- Peter Dreimanis, July Talk


"Brooke is officially my most inspiring discovery of 2013." 

- Patrice Larose, Photo Editor - Readers Digest


"We have had Brooke do a number of family portrait sessions and she is a very talented photographer. She has the ability to put everyone at ease while also creating beautiful candid shots. She captures the perfect moment with babies both on their own and with their parents. She has managed to capture priceless moments we have shared with our son!"

- Kristen Nugent


"It was a pleasure to work with Brooke this month for my corporate headshots. She made the experience smooth, fun, and professional. Clearly an expert in her profession!"

- David Gale, YYZ Travel Group


"Provisions Catering and Events has been working exclusively with Brooke Wedlock on a range of events since 2013. Our expectations have time and time again been surpassed by Brooke’s amazing talent, flexible work ethic, and creative ways of capturing the moment. Her energy and passion align well with our progressive and dynamic business. We have been lucky to work with her over the past year and are excited to continue having our story told through Brooke’s lens."

-Kevin Castonguay, owner Provisions Catering & Events


"As someone who is extremely camera shy, my photography experience with Brooke was exceptional. Despite being completely out of my element in front of the camera, the manner with which she interacted with me made me feel completely comfortable and at ease. She captured me in photos in a way I did not think possible! I love the photos, what a great day!"

- Alexandra Krawczyk, Naturopathic Doctor


" It's always a pleasure working with Brooke, she makes me feel so comfortable and welcomed especially on our more 'risqué' shoots"

- Kendal Thompson, Musician


"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Brooke on two occasions. As a model, I spent a casual afternoon nude in the studio where Brooke not only made me feel totally at ease in front of the camera for the first time, but encouraged me to slip into a character for the sake of a uniquely creative shot. Being so pleased with the results, I went on to hire Brooke as an Event Photographer for my catering company where she was punctual, professional and captured shots that met the specific objectives I had set out for her. I believe this woman’s talent has a chameleon attribute that allows her to thrive in a variety of photographic challenges. I would not hesitate to hire her for my next project, whatever it may be."

- Mandy McIsaac, Marketing and Promotions Coordinator


"Brooke has a sharp eye for creating the extraordinary. Her bright and bold persona makes working with her a fun and exciting experience."

- Elissa Contino, Wardrobe Stylist


"Brooke's talent is outstanding. The photo shoot she did of me captured so much more than my face. Her creative eye catches the magic of every moment"

- Celia Palli, Musician


"Brooke is one of my favorite photographers to work with. Her positive energy and attitude makes each experience so enjoyable. She has the ability to make everybody feel totally comfortable and yet maintains professional direction with ease. As a professional artist, it is so great collaborating with artists like herself who are truly passionate and dedicated. Her work speaks for itself. I jump at any opportunity I can to work with her! This woman is a fountain of creativity and talent."

- Monica Burton, Makeup Artist